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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our dental practice will be adhering to strict guidelines to ensure safety of all of our patients and employees.

We have a specific PPE protocol setup to make sure we are ready to begin our normal routine again.If you want to find out more about this, please click the link below

PPE Protocol

Over the last couple of months, we kept the practice running for emergencies only. Now the CA Dept of Public Health has deemed all routine dental care as permitted, including but not limited to cleanings, treatments pending for crowns/fillings, etc. We realize how routine cleanings are important in the prevention of gum disease. Bleeding gums can lower the immune system and increasing one’s risk for viral infections such as Covid19. Therefore, we will do our best to get you in as soon as possible and treat you in the safest manner possible to lower your risk to other infections/conditions.

The appointments we cancelled have been sorted according to their importance, and we will now start to reschedule them.

 If you currently have an infection or are in pain, you are welcome to contact us for the next available appointment. We thank you for your patience in advance as we try to reschedule everyone.

Please note that we will be using Protective Personal Equipment, Kn95 masks, Gowns, hand sanitizers, high-vac suction systems, and acrylic chair-side barriers to help protect everyone in the office. We have gone above and beyond any recommendations put in place by the county and the state.


Below is a more detailed explanation of detailed approach… Brea Family Dental Center Care team and Dr. Kalvin Chen  

——————————————————————————————- —–

Information on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are facing this health crisis with due care and respect, but also calm and professionalism. We are observing and assessing the situation regarding COVID-19 very closely. The health of our patients and the employees of our practice is our highest priority.

In general, as a dental practice, we deal professionally with the protection against all infections on a daily basis. We are appropriately trained and technically prepared for this. Due to the worldwide health crisis caused by COVID-19 we have adapted some procedures in our practice. We ask you to pay attention to the following information. 


  • We are currently trying to reduce the number of patient that are in the office at the same time due to social distancing guidelines and stringent sterilization procedures. Therefore, your appointment may need to be rescheduled a few weeks out. Patients with pending treatment will be seen first in order of appointment canceled to prevent their condition from worsening
  • If you are in pain or have an abscess, please call us in advance. We will then try to identify the cause of the problem as precisely as possible by telephone and will then give you an appointment for the necessary treatment.
  • Please DO NOT walk in without an appointment as this will interrupt our social distancing guidelines.
  •  Please limit the number of people coming to your appointment to just yourself, unless you have a caretaker that needs to bring you
  • If several treatments are necessary, we will try to combine them in one appointment.


Self Evaluation At Home

  •  If you have symptoms of coronavirus infection (fever, cough, breathing problems, muscle pain, nausea), please contact us in advance by telephone before your appointment. We will then assess the situation together.
  • If possible, we recommend that you take your temperature at home before a planned appointment. A temperature of up to 100.4°F is normal. We will be checking your temperature when you first walk in. 
  • If you have been infected, dental treatment is possible again from 4 weeks after the infection is detected.


Your arrival with us

  • Please wear a mask as you enter the office and keep it on until we tell you to take it off in the treatment room. If you forget to wear one, one will be supplied to you.
  •  Please disinfect your hands when entering the practice. Appropriate dispensers with disinfectant are availWhen entering the practice, we currently measure the temperature of all persons entering the practice with a non-contact clinical thermometer done by the receptionist.
  • This applies both to patients and to the staff of the practice. A body temperature of up to 100.4°F is normal. 
  • We ask you to arrive at our practice as punctually as possible at the planned appointment to avoid long waiting times. If you are late for more than 10 minutes, we may have to re-schedule your appointment. 
  • Please note at times you may have to wait in the treatment room for up to an hour before the doctor sees you. This is due to the fact that we have adapted certain procedures and sterilizations that may take longer than usual when performing other treatment.
  •  In general, we try to seat you in the treatment room only directly before the start of your treatment so that you can spend the waiting period in the “more pleasant” environment of the waiting room. 
  • At present, we will accompany you to the treatment room as far as possible in advance, so that you can wait individually.
  •  Please keep your distance to other patients in the waiting room. If you like, you can also wait in the car. We will call or txt you when we are ready for you to come in. Please let us know when you arrive by phone call so that we know you are in the car waiting for us.

Hand Hygiene 

  • In the entire practice you will find hand sanitizers. Please take advantage of them. 
  • We currently do without shaking hands. We apologize for the inconvenience. What can you do to generally protect yourself • As with influenza and other acute respiratory tract infections, the rules for coughing and sneezing, good hand hygiene and distance from the sick (approx. 6ft) also protect against transmission of the new coronavirus. Shaking hands should also be avoided. In general, people who have respiratory symptoms should stay at home if possible. Despite the privations, however, we still look positively into the future. Together we will overcome this crisis and better times will follow. We look forward to meeting and seeing all of you again. Stay healthy

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